Friday, March 23, 2018
Learn like it's your job. Prepare for a career.

Challenge them. Help them. Prepare them.
Help your child graduate to a higher degree.

Good grads get good jobs.
Because of the Scholars program, we have more students taking additional language, math and science classes than we did before the Scholars program. The positive effect of increased rigor on a student’s future is well documented nationwide, and it has had a positive effect on our school as a whole, with more of our students graduating better prepared for college and future careers.
RomaLee Hiatt, CTE Director
Snowflake Unified School District
Because I wanted to graduate as an Arizona Academic Scholar, I chose to take an additional physical science class in order to meet the Scholars' requirements, even though I had already taken Biology, Chemistry and A.P. Biology.
Mary "Mollie" Harrell
Cactus High School, Class of 2009
Peoria Unified School District

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