Sunday, February 18, 2018

Academic Scholars: Next Steps

Learn more about the Arizona Academic Scholars Initiative:
Contact the Arizona Academic Scholars Director (information is located under "Contact"). Initial discussions can be provided to provide clarity and understanding of the Scholars initiative and the level of interest within each district community.

Form an Arizona Academic Scholars Partnership:
Any interested Arizona school district can initiate a partnership by identifying a business, business organization or community organization with which to form an alliance. Both the educational leader (Superintendent) and the business leader (Executive Director, President, etc.) will be asked to sign a letter of agreement to formalize the partnership and their roles.

Receive support and training materials:
Upon formalizing the partnership as stated above, you will be given electronic versions of all the training materials and support materials your partnership will need to get started. These materials include the power point presentation for 8th/9th grade students, training video of the power point presentation, brochure templates geared to 4 different audiences (general, student, parent, educator), and other materials you may choose to use or modify.

Formation of a Scholars Partnership team:
It will be imperative that you determine a lead coordinator from both the school district and the business entity that form the partnership. This team of two may be expanded to include several other key players who will determine the timeline and logistics for Scholars implementation district wide. Areas of discussion and implementation may include community and district awareness of Scholars, 8th/9th grade presentation schedules, information distribution to the remaining high school classes, brochure printing and distribution, and recognition of Seniors who graduate as Arizona Academic Scholars.

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